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Sword Master Story Mod APK is a free-to-play action RPG developed by Super Planet. The game is set where humans, elves, and dragons.

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Sword Master Story Mod APK is a novel RPG game with demonic combat systems. In this RPG game, you must choose a job through the hero selection process to develop a strong character with excellent combat attack points. The story is rich with novel elements and a variety of themes. It is full of humor and fun, which makes it very popular in the process of playing. The game includes countless places to explore and enemies to fight. It’s not only about combat but also about survival there! You will be surrounded by unique events daily in Sword Master Story.

About Sword Master Story APK

Sword Master Story Mod APK is a free-to-play action RPG developed by Super Planet. The game is set where humans, elves, and dragons live together peacefully. You play as a swordsman who fights against the evil Black Dragon. The Black Dragon is a terrifying dark dragon who is shrouded in mystery. Sword Master Story features more than forty heroes and twenty-five costumes for you to choose from.

It also offers several gameplay modes, such as story mode, where players can experience an epic storyline filled with danger and adventure. Which allows them to enjoy battling against friends or strangers online; coop mode, where two players team up against waves of monsters; survival mode, which puts players at risk of losing their character if they fail within time limits; training area where they can learn new skills or upgrade existing ones by spending gold coins earned during gameplay sessions.

Features of Sword Master Story

Sword Master Story is a new game in the genre of action RPG. It combines the best elements of action RPG, so anyone who loves this genre will find it very interesting. You can play this game as long as you want because there are no time limits or quests to complete before moving on to another. The gameplay of this game is similar to all the other action-RPG games out there, but with some minor differences that make it stand out from its competitors. The main character and all his companions will be familiar with gamers who have played any other similar title in this series. They’re all mighty warriors with unique special abilities that allow them to survive combat situations and succeed at defeating enemies! This makes them ideal candidates for becoming heroes themselves – if only they would stop being defensive about everything.

Dual Blade Action RPG

In this game, you are a swordsman who has to fight against the armies of evil. You can choose from multiple heroes, each with its weapons and skills. The game also features various costumes for your character, which will change how people see them in combat. The DLC Hero: The Sword of Justice is an add-on for the popular game “DLC Hero.” It adds a new hero to your game, allowing you to choose from many weapons and skills. With this new hero, you can explore the world for glory and defeat your opponent. You can also use the character’s skills to aid yourself or others.

More than Forty Heroes and Costumes

Master the battlefield with more than forty heroes, including the infamous Toki, and four kinds of costumes. The hero and outfit you can choose depending on your preference. You can also change them at any time! To fight against these demons, players need to get stronger through the experience system and increase their level, skills, and abilities like swordsmanship or magic.

Raid the Black Dragon

It would be best if you overcame the Black Dragon. It’s a powerful enemy with its skills and abilities. The Black Dragon is a formidable opponent to fight, but if you can defeat it in battle, you will earn valuable loot! Each time a new story is reached, they gain access to new skills which will help them achieve higher scores during battles against enemies on various stages.

Discover the hidden truth

It’s time to uncover the truth. You will have to explore a mysterious cave, where you will find many secrets that have been kept for centuries. The truth is hidden in the dark, and you can defeat your enemies by seeing it. If you want to know what’s happening here, read! Black Dragons are the most potent Blacksmiths in the game; they have powerful weapons and unique skills. They can use their skills to give you a difficult time.

Complete your character collection

After you’ve completed the campaign, you’ll be able to start collecting your character collection. This optional feature will allow you to unlock all of the game’s heroes, costumes, and weapons. You can also manage all of their accessories, like hats and gloves. Once you have all these items unlocked, level each hero up by spending real money or using gold coins (the in-game currency) earned from completing missions on different stages.

Protect your territory from outside forces.

There are multiple ways to earn gold while not playing the game. You can play games and win coins. You can level up your character using gold collected from playing games and winning coins in combat. You can also use coins as payment for items offered by other players on their marketplaces, which is accessible through the Friends menu.

Explore Endless Dungeons

Explore the endless dungeons and collect items. Challenge other users in global PVP or your friends in global PVP! Dungeon Raid is a free, fast-paced action RPG! You and your team of heroes explore endless dungeons to find powerful items, hidden secrets, and more treasure! Talk to the town hall NPCs in the game lobby when you are at max level to claim your rewards! The sky is the limit with these rewards!


Sword Master Story Mod APK is your chance to become a legend and destroy any demon! Knuckle your way to victory with customized weapons, powerful skills, and epic boss battles. Begin your journey today! In the world of Sword Master Story, demon attacks are dangerous and frequent. The heroes must work together and use their skills to eliminate the monsters. To help them with this difficulty, they have an excellent helper named Elle, who can take care of the movement herself.

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